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The Sigiriya archaeological museum is a great place to get a better understanding of the world heritage city of Sigiriya and conduct research on legends. Built in an environmentally friendly way, the museum complex has three floors and incorporates several elements of the Sigiriya archaeological site as models. Mainly, permanent exhibitions consisting of 06 galleries as well as temporary exhibitions with themes related to the Sigiriya area can be seen here. This museum complex provides opportunities for knowledge and understanding as well as practical experience for tourists.

Exhibition Gallery No. 01 (History & Archeology)

Gallery 01
This gallery illustrates prehistoric and protohistoric transformation, as well as geology, archeology, and periodization technology of iron production in Sigiriya and the surrounding area.

Gallery 02
Early and Later Buddhist Monasteries: This gallery illustrate  early Buddhist monasteries and later Buddhist monasteries established in and around Sigiriya, between the 3rd and 1st centuries B.C.

Gallery 03
This gallery depicts the urbanism, architecture, painting,  and garden design of the Royal City of Sigiriya. Here you can further see and study the oldest urban planning and architectural methods.

Gallery 04
Sigiri paintings, Sigiri graffiti and terracotta sculptures can be seen in this gallery. Mainly you can see some copies of amazing Sigiri paintings set up on the western rock wall and rock garden, Sigiri graffiti poems written by visitors to Sigiriya, and terracotta sculptures set up in the rock garden between the 7th, 8th and 10th centuries.

Gallery 05
Here you can see the courtly, monastic life and foreign trade in the World Heritage City of Sigiriya. Pottery, coins, courtly items & foreign trade items, statues, sculptures and coins established in Sigiriya and surrounding urban areas from 5th to 10th century are displayed in this chamber.

Gallery 06
This gallery shows how the extensive and multifaceted investigation of Sigiriya began. Mainly it indicates the archaeological history of Sigiriya, hidden centuries and future research.

Exhibition Gallery No. 02 (Painting Cave)

Entering this gallery through a spiral staircase or the field, you can see a model of the magnificent Sigiri Art Cave. The painting cave is as large as a cave of frescoes perched on Sigiri Rock, and tarred and erased paintings can be found among these works of art.

Audience Activities

A model of the mirror wall has been created inside the museum premises for visitors to write their precious thoughts on sticks, and a themed drawing program for small children will be held in the premises.

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