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The hamlet of Hiriwadunna in Sri Lanka showcases the laid-back rhythms of small village life. While local people fish and wash their clothes, they see species such as crocodiles, butterflies, and birds in the local reservoir. Then take a boat trip across the lake to the opposite side, where you’ll have a ‘bullock’ cart ride and a complimentary Sri Lankan lunch. At the local reservoir, look for butterflies, birds, and the odd crocodile. A traditional bullock cart is also available for hire. This is a fantastic way to experience Sri Lankan rural life.


Get ready for an iconic tour experience that hones Sri Lanka's ancient cultural values. During amazing tour, you will first have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Hirivadunna village by riding a bullock cart which is an old main transport system of Sri Lanka and seeing the green fields of the village. This is approximately a 20 minute experience, after which you will be prepared for an unforgettable catamaran ride.

A catamaran boat ride will surely add to your unforgettable experience. During the ride, the Sigiriya and Pidurangala Rocks can be seen in the distance with stunning views and also green bushes, crocodiles in the reservoir, butterflies and endemic birds. After a 20-30 minute boat ride, you will be prepared to experience the beauty of a village home.

Tourists will have the opportunity to experience various aspects of Sri Lankan folk culture and village life live. You will have the opportunity to experience the rural hospitality of Sri Lanka and experience different types of cultivation methods and vegetables as you walk through the farm as a different experience of rural village life. And you can experience their daily life activities here.

At the end of the tour, expect to experience a complimentary Sri Lankan lunch prepared by the villagers!


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