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Located in the Central Highlands, Horton Plains National Park is a popular tourist destination with several tourist hotspots including World’s End, Little World’s End & Baker’s Falls etc. Horton Plains, declared a National Park in 1988, is spread over a vast expanse of area. 700 species of plants, 24 species of mammals, 87 species of birds, 9 species of reptiles and eight species of amphibians can be seen in this bio-diversity and geographically important destination. And Baker’s Falls, which is located in the Horton plains, an extremely beautiful waterfall that offers amazing views from different angles with energizing your experience. Exploring Horton Plains, an invaluable resource rich in natural creations, will add unforgettable memories to your journey.

Wildlife Sightings

An ideal haven for wildlife sightings, Horton Plains is home to over 150 species of animals and over 750 species of plants. Different types of ferns, orchids and lichens can be seen, besides the Sri Lankan rhino horn lizard, Stripe-necked mongoose, giant squirrels as well as many species of birds and small animals can easily be seen on this trekking. Endangered species such as the red slender loris and a handful of forest-dwelling deer also provide good photo opportunity to get marvelous wildlife experience.

Hiking to World's End

Visiting the untouching beauty of the world's end can truly give you the experience of a thrilling and fascinating journey. After a long trek of around 9kms, the unobstructed view of the Big World's end creates a 2000 meter expanse from the point of Udawala Reservoir and beyond, which is able to relieve your fatigue. The clearest views can be seen in the morning, and the morning time gives you the opportunity to observe the plains, rivers in the dry zone and take best pictures of the most picturesque views.

Capturing the Beauty of Baker's Falls

The Baker's Fall is an extremely beautiful waterfall that offers stunning views from various angles, and one of the most spectacular views encounter while trekking the Horton Plains. At a height of about 20 meters and protected by a dense forest, this beautiful waterfall is accessed via the 'Baker's Loop' hiking trail. With a foamy, thin layer of mist, this watershed is fed by a tributary of the Belihul Oya River, and the surrounding picturesque landscapes dazzle with the splendor and charm of nature.

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