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Kandy’s the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, considered a very sacred and revered place for Buddhists, was established in the 16th century AD and is adjacent to the royal palace complex of the old Kandy Kingdom. After the Lord Buddha’s passing away, the tooth relic was brought to Sri Lanka by an Indian princess named ‘Hemamala’. In this sacred temple surrounded by a moat, Dalada resides on the upper floor. The casket in which Sri Dalada is enshrined is covered with a magnificent door inlaid with silver and ivory, further enhancing your devotion. Many offerings to the tooth relic are held throughout the day, and the chanting, drumming, and pujas of the monks create great spiritual feelings for the pilgrims who enter the temple of tooth relic.

The Sri Dalada Museum is another important place found in this compound and contains many paintings depicting the artistic styles of the Kandy period and the remains of Hastiraja, the longest casket bearer ‘Ali Raja’. Visiting this shrine with so much history and culture is truly a fortune for you.

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