Visit the Historic Three-Temple Loop of Kandy

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In this historic three temple loop visit you will have the opportunity to visit three attractive temples. Three of the oldest and most interesting temples in the Central Hills are the Embakke, Lankathilaka and Gadaladeniya temples. Here, you will first enter the Gadaladeni temple with the most magnificent stone carvings in Sri Lanka, and secondly, you will have the opportunity to enter the most magnificent architectural building, the Lankatilaka temple.
Then we will visit the Embakke Temple, one of the most exquisitely carved Hindu temples in Sri Lanka. Visiting all three ancient sacred temples in such beautiful surroundings is an opportunity not to be missed in your tour.

Gadaladeniya Viharaya

Gadoladeni Temple is a famous shrine for its beautiful stone carvings. Built in stone by King Bhuvanekabahu IV in the 14th century, this temple is a fine example of Dravidian style of architecture. Inside this temple, one can see a lot of other carvings, including South Indian style stone elephants, dancers and a gilded Buddha carved in stone. And also the beautiful surrounding countryside offers a spectacular view to the visitors.

Lankathilaka Viharaya

The majestic Lankathilaka Vihare built by King Bhuvanekabahu IV is known as one of the most magnificent architectural building of Gampola Kingdom. Built on a large rock, the beautiful Hantane Mountain Range can be seen on one side of this shrine.

Embekke Devalaya

Embekka Devalaya is a Hindu shrine built during the reign of King Vikramabahu III who ruled Gampola Kingdom. Considered to be the finest woodcarving site in Sri Lanka, it consists of three main areas.
These include the inner sanctum where the statues of the deity are enshrined, the dance hall where royal dances were held, and the drummers' hall. The rest of the temple, except the sanctum is entirely made of wood, and the roof of the temple is a fine example of ancient wooden architecture. The shrine has 514 unique motifs, including entwined swans, double-headed eagles, entwined rope motifs, breast-feeding figure, a warrior on horseback, female dancers and wrestlers, among the masterpieces of this shrine with its many exquisite wood carvings.


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