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Anyone who enjoys being on the edge of their comfort zone, regardless of age, is likely to have a good time on adventure tours and holidays in Sri Lanka. These meticulously designed itineraries feature thrilling activities in adventurous settings for a fully immersive experience. All-inclusive luxury resort stays are included in the price of your Sri Lanka adventure vacation.

What makes adventure tours and holidays in Sri Lanka so special?

Cultural landmarks, religious structures, rivers, lagoons, canyons, and wetlands abound throughout the island of Sri Lanka. There are a plethora of interconnecting canals that provide limitless potential for rafting and other outdoor experiences. You may satisfy your inner adrenaline junkie on a Sri Lanka adventure vacation by partaking in activities like these. Learning about the terrain and culture of Sri Lanka is advisable before reserving an adventure package.

Sri Lanka is sometimes called the “undiscovered nation” since there are still so many things to see and do there that haven’t been seen by tourists. Options for risk-taking activities are blooming in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a popular tourist destination because of its convenient location, rich cultural history, and incredible variety of available adventure activities.

Which activities are most popular in Sri Lanka’s adventure packages?

Sri Lanka epitomizes the ideal compact holiday location since it has the largest concentration of exciting activities for those seeking excitement. The exceptional activities available here are a perfect complement to the natural splendor of the region. To name a few good ones:

1. Diving in warm blue waters

Sri Lanka has some of the best diving in the world because of the Indian Ocean, which is filled with coral gardens, exotic species, and historic wrecks. Favorite dive locations in Sri Lanka include the vibrant coral gardens along the southern shores, the ancient and new shipwrecks surrounding the Galle harbor, and the tiny and large reefs. 

On the other hand, Kalpitiya, Ampara, and Trincomalee on the eastern and western coasts provide uncommon opportunities for diving with dolphins, wreck diving, skin diving, etc.

2. Going on a Sighting of the Whales

Whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals are regulars in the waters around Sri Lanka. During the winter months of December through February and the spring months of March through April, dolphins and whales may be seen in many different areas in Sri Lanka. Whale and dolphin migratory pathways pass close to or surround Sri Lanka. As such, it provides a prime vantage point from which to see 26 different kinds of cetaceans as they make their annual journey. There are many different kinds of dolphins and whales that fall within this category. 

3. Trekking and hiking

Sri Lanka has a wealth of hiking and trekking options because of its extensive mountain ranges, verdant forests, etc., all of which may be accessed through the country’s many roadways. Adventurous travelers should definitely consider visiting the mountains of Sri Lanka. 

Sunny weather and the friendly smiles of the villages of the highlands combine with the pristine rainforests, holy mountains, rich tea plantations, and plains abounding with rare wildlife and insects to provide the perfect environment for a once-in-a-lifetime hiking adventure. 

4. Riding in a Hot Air Balloon

Explore the stars over Sri Lanka and learn more about the country’s culture and history. Travelers smoothly float above trees, animals, rivers and lakes, cultural sites, and small urban homesteads. On the other hand, monuments like Sigiriya Rock are at an altitude of 500 to 2500 feet on average. The trips are scheduled for the early morning hours so that riders may enjoy the sunrise with all its enchantment.

5. Rock Climbing

As you climb the peaks of Sri Lanka, you’ll get to feel the excitement of the rocks giving way under your feet, the dizziness of dizzying heights, and the expansion of the earth underneath you. The Knuckles Range, Ella Range, Habarana Range, Sigiriya Range, Polonnaruwa Range, Horton Plains Range, and Buttala Range are only a few of the mountain ranges that surround Sri Lanka’s highlands and provide formidable challenges to mountaineers of all skill levels. 

Waterfall climbing is the newest frontier in mountaineering. It offers fascinating challenges like scaling the granite face of Bambarakanda waterfall, the highest in the nation.

6. Deep Sea Fishing

Sri Lanka is a secret paradise for serious fishermen, with the Indian Ocean on three sides and a wealth of freshwater lakes inland. One of the most difficult marine game fishing locales, the waters surrounding Sri Lanka have a coastline of 1,140 miles and a continental shelf of 10,000 square miles. That being said, sports fishermen have yet to completely investigate the outfalls of 103 main river basins. 

Also, remember that there are hundreds of estuaries, ponds, and coastal lakes all around the country.

7. Holidays in Sri Lanka that are Perfect for Cyclists

You can enjoy the varied landscape of Sri Lanka while pedaling along at a pleasant, leisurely pace. Holidays spent cycling across Sri Lanka are the best way to see the whole country. From the sands of the Indian Ocean to the rice fields, tea trees, and forested highlands inland. All of the rides take place on paved roads, and although the terrain is mostly easygoing, specialists do include the occasional hard day to help you stretch your limits.

Adventure travels and holidays in Sri Lanka for families with Routes Tours

If you have older kids (12+), a trip to Sri Lanka for an action-packed family vacation is a great option. The vacation is planned to include not just sightseeing at Sri Lanka’s top destinations but also a variety of exciting adventure activities, such as swimming with dolphins, going on a safari to view wild whales, etc.

Each and every trip with Route Travels is treated like a VIP, making them the top travel agency in Sri Lanka. We’re certain that your family will have an unforgettable time on this tailor-made Sri Lankan adventure trip, and our expert English-speaking personal driver guides will make sure of it.