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The sloth bear, blue whale, Asian elephant, leopard, and sperm whale are the “Big Five” of Sri Lanka’s wildlife, and all may be seen on wildlife tours and holidays in Sri Lanka. Additionally, there is a plethora of wildlife in areas like Horton Plains National Park, with twitchy delights like the Blue Magpie and Sri Lanka Myna. Both Yala West and Uda Walawe national parks are excellent places to see elephants, while the Kalpitiya Peninsula in the country’s north is an excellent place to see whales and dolphins.

When it comes to seeing wild animals, Sri Lanka is your best bet outside of Africa and the greatest in Asia. Sri Lanka is officially one of the world’s top 10 most bio diverse places. Located in the warm seas of the Indian Ocean, the beautiful island of Sri Lanka is surprisingly compact while being home to incomparable natural wonders.

What makes nature and its inhabitants so unique?

Sri Lanka is home to one of Asia’s densest populations of megafauna because of the island nation’s outstanding national parks. Despite its close proximity to Southeast Asia, most of the country’s flora and wildlife are native to the island itself, and this includes 33 species of birds.

The wildlife and plants, particularly in the mountainous areas, are quite endemisms. Sri Lanka is ideal for anyone interested in natural history due to its wealth of high-quality wetland areas and forest cover and the welcoming nature of its people toward the island’s native species.

Sri Lanka wildlife tours and holidays can reveal so much more than you expect

Within Sri Lanka, several national parks, wildlife reserves, safari resorts, and camps have been constructed. From Yala National Park in the south to Willpattu National Park in the north, and many more in between, Sri Lanka is covered with a network of protected areas with very high biodiversity. There are a wide variety of animals to see and activities to partake in. And the good news is that hunting has been illegal in Sri Lanka since the early 20th century, when the country’s elephant population was almost wiped out by wealthy Westerners.

You’ve come to Sri Lanka to see the country’s rich biodiversity up close and personal and to capture stunning images of the island’s flora and fauna in their natural habitat. You’ll travel across some breathtaking landscapes when on Sri Lanka wildlife tours and holidays.

Safaris in the wild

Wildlife and environment lovers are invited to a wonderful exhibition of nature’s marvels, shown strikingly in the heart of the lush green rainforests in Sri Lanka’s untamed interior, which is home to a high plant variety and endemism. Experience the wide variety of animals for which each park is known by taking a tour led by knowledgeable naturalists.

If you want to see the “Big Five” in one trip and with as little time spent on travel as possible, a wildlife safari in Sri Lanka is widely cited as the best option outside of Africa.

Various wildlife safari themes to choose from

Spend the night beneath the stars in the middle of the forest to really get a feel for the fauna there. You may go as fancy as you want or as rough as you like on your camping trip. Enjoy some fantastic photography, view the birds and smaller animals right outside your door, participate in food preparation, and depart on a safari early in the morning before the tourists arrive.

After a long day of exploring, relax with a sundowner and recount the day’s adventures around the campfire before feasting on a BBQ feast.

The best locations to choose for wildlife tours and holidays in Sri Lanka

1. Yala National Park

Natural resources are a source of national pride for Sri Lanka. Many of the most exotic animals in the world make their home there. Yala National Park is a popular destination for those seeking to see native species in their natural habitat. It’s the second-biggest national park in Sri Lanka.

2. Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu National Park is both the oldest and biggest of Sri Lanka’s national parks. It was often believed that this was an excellent site to see wild Sri Lankan leopards. Thirty animal species may be found in Wilpattu National Park. Animals native to Sri Lanka include the elephant, leopard, sloth bear, and spotted deer. Guests go to the park in hopes of seeing a leopard or sloth bear.

3.  Udawalawe National Park

Udawalawe National Park is the third-most-frequented park in Sri Lanka. Tourists flock there because of its proximity to Yala National Park. The Udawalawe Reservoir on the Walawe River prompted the development of this park largely as a safe haven for the wildlife that had to relocate because of the dam.

There are other places to see wildlife in Sri Lanka, although the three national parks mentioned above are the absolute minimum.

Birds in Sri Lanka

The beautiful environment, pristine beaches, compelling cultural history, and unique experiences of Sri Lanka make it the premier traveler’s nest in the world. If you’re a bird-watching enthusiast, Sri Lanka is a great destination. The best places to go bird watching are Wilpattu National Park, Bundala National Park, Mannar, Kaudulla National Park, and Yala National Park.

The 433 recorded bird species in Sri Lanka include the 233 resident species that transport you to the large, iconic birds you’ll want to photograph for your own collection. You will be the luckiest birder in the world if you don’t visit Sri Lanka and see the amazing birds there.

How do I book wildlife tours and holidays in Sri Lanka? 

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