Tea Trails and Beyond: Exploring the Hill Country of Sri Lanka

 Tea Trails and Beyond: Exploring the Hill Country of Sri Lanka

Tea Trails Beyond: Exploring the Hill Country of Sri Lanka

Are you interested in exploring the Hill Country of Sri Lanka? So keep scrolling to learn about it all. Sri Lanka makes almost everyone’s must-visit list. Let us tell you why. The country offers both warm sandy beaches and cool highland country. If you are someone who loves to be surrounded by lush greenery, cool weather, and cold mountain ranges, Sri Lanka’s uphill country is where you should go.

These attractions in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka are nothing short of spectacular, surrounded by picturesque landscapes. These magnificent hill stations are great for climbing, trekking, and camping, in addition to providing stunning views.

Why must you explore the Hill Country of Sri Lanka?

The Hill Country of Sri Lanka is an area of incomparable landscapes and spectacular beauty that captivates everyone with its breathtaking views. It’s nestled in the island’s middle highlands and has a scene that is nothing short of a paradise.

The beauty of Hill Country is characterized by undulating hills covered with beautiful green tea plantations. The tea plantations not only add to the scenic magnificence of the area but also provide an opportunity to learn about the tea-making process and enjoy the flavors of world-renowned Ceylon tea.

It’s paradise for hikers

We recommend taking Sri Lanka hill country tours to see the heart of the island’s hill region. A substantial portion of the island’s center is occupied by large mountain ranges. The hill area of Sri Lanka is a mystical, historically significant, and spiritually significant place filled with commercially valuable tea bushes and railroad tracks.

The hill country of Sri Lanka provides the most appealing contrast to the island’s beaches, which are usually the most popular tourist destination.

Take the train

The best way to explore the amazing natural beauty of Sri Lanka’s upcountry is to go on one of the Sri Lanka hill country excursions that revolve around the central highlands. Taking an upcountry rail excursion is one of the best ways to explore Sri Lanka’s hill country destinations.

On a spiral-shaped railway track, the train sliced through the lush greenery inch by inch. On its incredible journey to the heart of Sri Lanka’s hill region, you will see sections of woodland, tumbling waterfalls, gorgeous streams, tunnels, vegetable plantations, and tea estates.

What’s the location of the Hill Country of Sri Lanka?

The hill region of Sri Lanka is located in the center of the island and is the product of millions of years of geological upheaval. And, according to geologists, the upheavals and mountain formations are still ongoing!

The middle mountain range, which stretches 65 kilometers from north to south, serves as a barrier between the western and eastern flatlands. This high plateau has the most Sri Lankan mountains, including the highest peak in Sri Lanka, known as Pidurutalagala (2,524 m), which occupies the plateau’s southern extremity.

Beautiful tea plantations

Tea plantations cover much of the Hill Country of Sri Lanka. You’d surely catch a glimpse of women rushing through the tea bushes, occasionally stooping to pick the tender tea bushes’ leaves. These fresh, tender leaves are then processed in the tea factory and transformed into the classic Sri Lankan tea, which is a favorite beverage among locals and foreigners.

What’s the weather like in the hill country?

In comparison to the rest of the island, this region has more pleasant weather. The climate in the Hill Country is mild, with temperatures averaging around 15 degrees Celsius. In the months of November and December, it can be a little chilly in the evenings, with temperatures dropping to -2 degrees Celsius after sunset. The weather surely helps to maintain the comfortable atmosphere, which is ideal for exploring Sri Lanka’s lush hill country.

What can you do in hill country?

Lush hill country destinations you must visit

1. Nuwara Eliya

If you are exploring the hill country of Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya cannot be ignored. Nuwara Eliya, also known as “Little England,” is true to its name. It’s a charming city in the heart of Sri Lanka’s hill region.

With its chilly atmosphere, colonial architecture, and gorgeous surroundings, it provides guests with a one-of-a-kind and attractive experience. With its old-world beauty and fascinating ambience, walking through the streets of Nuwara Eliya feels like going back in time. 

The cold climate of Nuwara Eliya distinguishes it from the rest of Sri Lanka. The misty mornings and cool temperatures provide a nice respite from the usual heat on the island. The city is frequently blanketed in mist, creating an ethereal and romantic ambiance. Tea plantations are one of Little England’s features.

Sri Lanka’s best tea comes from here

The region is well-known for producing some of the world’s best Ceylon tea. You can tour the tea farms, observe the tea-picking process, and even sip a cup of freshly brewed tea while savoring the panoramic vistas of green hills.

There are also breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. You can stroll along the lakes, have a picnic, or simply rest in the tranquil surroundings.

2. Ella

Ella is renowned for its stunning panoramic views and hiking opportunities. The most famous climb is to Ella Cliff, a challenging but rewarding hike through tea plantations and lush woodlands to the pinnacle of the rock. From there, you can see the surrounding valleys and hills, including the famous Ella Gap.

Another well-known sight is the Nine Arch Bridge, an architectural marvel created during the colonial era. This lovely bridge is surrounded by thick vegetation and is a sight to behold. Visiting a railway crossing adds nostalgia to the experience.

Little Adam’s Peak

Try traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry or taste a cup of scented tea at one of the quaint cafes. Ella’s relaxed atmosphere and friendly residents add to its attractiveness. The town’s laid-back atmosphere and inviting spirit make it an ideal place to unwind and reconnect with nature.

Ella delivers an amazing experience in the heart of the Hill Country of Sri Lanka for anyone exploring Sri Lanka’s lush hill country destinations.

Taste authentic food

This dish shows the outside influences on Sri Lanka’s cuisine and how it came to be considered “Sri Lankan” food. The name lamprais comes from the Dutch word lomprij and was brought to Sri Lanka by Dutch hamburgers. 

Since the name means a package, it is not surprising that lamprais are made by placing rice (which is already in stock), mixed beef curry, Dutch meatballs, eggplant curry, and spices in a banana leaf, which is then steamed. Yes, there are a lot of ingredients, but somehow it works!

3. Haputale

Haputale is a lovely town in Sri Lanka’s Badulla District. It is a calm and picturesque destination with stunning views and a tranquil environment, nestled among the misty hills of the country’s central highlands. It’s at an elevation of around 1,431 meters above sea level. It is also famous among visitors for its comfortable, cold atmosphere and lush green scenery.

Tea plantations, tumbling waterfalls, and mist-covered mountains surround the town, offering a captivating backdrop for visitors.

Lipton’s Seat

The famed Lipton’s Seat, named after Sir Thomas Lipton, the renowned Scottish tea entrepreneur, is one of Haputale’s primary attractions. Lipton’s Seat provides a panoramic view of the neighboring tea estates, valleys, and even the far shoreline. A truly unique experience is watching the dawn or sunset from this vantage point.

The Adisham Bungalow, a magnificent English country house that was built in the early twentieth century, is another must-see spot for all you explorers out there. You can explore the calm surroundings and relax in a peaceful environment.

Diyaluma Falls

A visit to Diyaluma Falls is highly recommended for nature enthusiasts. Hands down, It is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka, pouring down from a height of around 220 meters. The falls are ideal for a relaxing swim or simply appreciating the stunning natural splendor. A cool climate, misty hills, and soothing weather are all here at Haputale. It’s also a great place for hikers, with several routes winding through tea estates and woodlands.

The journey to Adam’s Peak is extremely popular during pilgrimage season, when believers ascend the mountain to reach the hallowed footprint. Haputale has a variety of lodging alternatives, including guesthouses, boutique hotels, and eco-lodges. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes in town that provide both local and international food.

4. Kitulgala

Kitulgala is a tiny town situated in the Western province of the island country. Kitulgala is best known for being the most popular whitewater rafting destination in Sri Lanka, and a visit here is a fantastic combination of nature and adventure.

You can expect picturesque views of nature, and if you love water sports, Kitulgala is a must-visit for you. The climate is also incredible, creating a cool and comfortable atmosphere. Also, fun fact: The Kelani River, which runs through town, was used as a filming location for the 1957 Oscar-winning film “The Bridge On the River Kwai.”

5. Kandy

If you plan on exploring the Hill Country of Sri Lanka and its destinations, make sure to pay a visit to Kandy. Kandy is a city in the heart of the island country and one of the most culturally significant and scenic destinations in the country. Surrounded by tea plantations and nestled among lovely green hills.

The Temple of the Tooth

Kandy has a one-of-a-kind combination of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and historical landmarks. The Temple of the Tooth Relic (‘Sri Dalada Maligawa’) is one of the city’s main attractions.

This Buddhist shrine has a tooth relic thought to be Lord Buddha’s tooth. It is a sacred Buddhist pilgrimage place with incredibly beautiful, elaborate architecture and religious activities.

Kandy Lake and Peradeniya Garden

Kandy Lake, a man-made lake developed in the nineteenth century, is the city’s picturesque showpiece. The lake provides a calm setting where tourists may go on leisurely walks, take boat rides, or simply rest and enjoy the scenery.

Kandy also has various botanical gardens, notably Peradeniya’s Royal Botanical Gardens. These gardens, which cover 147 acres, feature a unique array of exotic plants, orchids, and huge trees, providing an opportunity to enjoy the region’s diverse flora.

The environment in Kandy

Kandy’s environment is defined by rolling hills, verdant tea plantations, and a picturesque lake in the center. The rich foliage and quiet environment make it a great destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the region’s natural beauty. Kandy is also a gateway to the scenic Hill Country of Sri Lanka. 

Travelers can go further afield to see tea estates and waterfalls. As well as mist-covered mountains, where they can immerse themselves in the natural beauty and quiet of the surroundings.

6. Adam’s Peak

Adam’s Peak is a 7,359-foot-tall mountain in Sri Lanka that is visited by people of practically every major religion in Sri Lanka. Known as Sri Pada in Sinhala, it’s a hollow in the shape of a foot at the peak of the triangular mountain, holding such significance.

According to Buddhists, it’s Lord Buddha’s footprint, while Hindus claim it’s Lord Shiva’s. Similarly, Christians say it’s St. Thomas the Apostle’s, while Muslims believe it is Adam’s. Not only is it religiously and culturally significant for all religions in Sri Lanka, but it’s also a paradise for nature lovers.

Usually, it’s better to start climbing Adam’s Peak around two in the morning. This is the perfect time because you’ll be able to reach the top to catch the incredibly gorgeous sunrise. Enjoy the dawn from the top of the mountain, where the view of Sri Lanka’s lush forests, mountain ranges, and turquoise lakes is breathtaking. The climb is a challenge in itself, but adventure seekers and nature lovers would agree that it’s so worth it.

7. Diyatalawa

Diyatalawa is another beautiful hill station in the island country of Sri Lanka. You can expect to see lush, green mountains everywhere you look. This site draws visitors from all over the country and the world because of its stunning views and incredible weather.

Also, this mountainous station is home to academies for the Sri Lankan Army, Air Force, and Navy. Rawana Ella, which is an incredibly beautiful waterfall; Lipton’s Seat; St. Catherine’s Seat; Adisham Monastery; and the Demodara railway station are all must-sees during your visit.

Wrapping up

So how does exploring the Hill Country of Sri Lanka sound?  It’s no wonder that the Hill Country of Sri Lanka gets a lot of love and admiration from visitors from all over the world. It provides surreal landscapes, cool climates, and a rich heritage to explore and marvel at. Plus, there are a ton of fascinating activities for all you nature lovers and adventure seekers in a peaceful and tranquil setting.

Whether it’s rock climbing, golfing on one of the most beautiful courses, visiting a sacred place, or trekking through the rugged wilderness, time spent in the hill country of Sri Lanka will re energize your body and refresh the soul to the fullest. So don’t wait around anymore; experience it yourself on your next vacation.

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